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I go out to the woods when I'm looking for some wisdom
I reset my head to the gentle chaos rhythm
Of the snow melt moving cold and clear down the creek
And I listen to the calls coming from the birds' beaks
Everybody's chilling on an early summer day
I get down on the ground and a toad jumps away
Mosquitoes circle round like vultures where I sit
And I really hope I don't get bitten by a tick
A spider crawls up and I say "hi!" 
I don't squash it with my foot I just let it pass by
A bee buzzes up and stops on my knee
I say "thanks for pollinating flowers and fruit trees
You're doing something I could never do
Cuz that pollen makes ah-ah-ah-ah-choooooo!" 
I'm a little allergic but I like it outside
I don't have a car but I still got a ride
A little blue toughy mountain bike
Handlebars are crooked but that's alright
I don't care a bit, it's totally ok
Cuz you know that I swing to the left anyway
So I walk that trail and I deviate 
And the path I take ain't exactly straight
And I laugh and write and dance and sing
And watch all the freaky people do their beautiful thing
In the summertime

I'm out of school but I still gotta learn
Cuz I'm hot for knowledge like a mental sunburn 
So I read in the heat with a book on my knees
In the breeze by the flowers that some may call weeds
Let me tell you how dandelions spread seeds
They just shake them off and they go where they please
And they fly wherever the wind's gonna blow
And that's just like how ideas grow
A seed gets planted in someone's mind
And it germinates and it takes its time
And a little bit of green pokes out
Of the ground and it turns into a sprout
That grows into a big idea
That gives its seeds up to the air
And it gets to flying and it gets around
And it gets itself into new ground
And if you give it some love and patience
New ideas will bloom with crazy variations
This is how creatures evolve 
And this is how the world revolves 
And if there's a problem then there's always a solution
Cuz the only constant in the world is revolution
So it you got some ideas that you wanna see grow
Shake em off, let em go
In the summertime.


from Musica Millefolium, released October 31, 2013




Lightnin' Seed

Lightnin' Seed is Brenna Sahatjian and Mark Gunnery. They sing songs about herbs, storms, and natural phenomena. They are both members of the Riot Folk Collective and are DIY herbalists, artists, and writers.

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