Stone Root

from by Lightnin' Seed

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I've been admiring you for some time
always swayin' in the breeze as I'd walk by
I thought you were nettles the first time I saw you
but it turns out they call you “horse balm”
who knows where these names come from
like mine's Brenna but I always wanted it to be
something else like francis or franky
but thats what my family named me
Back when I was a baby
and you come from a family of mint
deadnettle lemon balm skullcap catnip
a far flung family well-fostered
ya'll grow tall and prosper
you got those sawtooth leaves
that sit on a square stem growing opposite

You stay east of the rockies most of the time
just like the fireflies
and the prickly ash and the sweet gum tree
and catalpa and kentucky coffee
and I'm just so hella west coast
I never had a chance to get this close
to you or the chiggers that hopped on me
when I went out to pick your leaves
cuz word is you got powers
way beyond the beauty of your late summer flowers
and the song you whispered in my ear
for the groundhog the goose
and the fox and the deer

Stoneroot, stoneroot
It's plants like you that help me give a hoot
cuz it was all just green to me
a mysterious sea of unknown leaves
Stoneroot, stoneroot
its plants like you that help me stay astute
cuz it was all just green to me
a mysterious sea of unknown leaves


from Musica Millefolium, released October 31, 2013




Lightnin' Seed

Lightnin' Seed is Brenna Sahatjian and Mark Gunnery. They sing songs about herbs, storms, and natural phenomena. They are both members of the Riot Folk Collective and are DIY herbalists, artists, and writers.

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