In Spite Of The Drought

from by Lightnin' Seed

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She thinks tanglin' my stalk Is funny
They call her a weed but they sell her for money
She'll wack you out if you eat her seeds
She swears like a sailor when she's growin' her leaves
But she's my viney, I'm her twiny,
She's never gonna let me go

Ain't pollinated since the moon passed Uranus
I caught him once with his pistil in my stamens
He gets fly with the birds and freaky with the bees
Down and dirty with the horn worm sleaze
But he's my trellis, I don't get jealous
I'm never gonna let him go

Folks they call her morning glory
or hedge bindweed, I just call her horny
She wraps herself around my cage
Trumpet flowers right up in my face
She takes a hoe'in and keeps on growin'
She's never gonna let me go

He just loves rubbin' off his oils
pops one off he sprays ketchup on the soil
He's pretty acidic but he gets things done
turns carbon dioxide into oxygen
His heirloom heiny is juicy and finey
i'm never gonna let him go

In spite of the drought, We'll end up bustin' some seeds out
Against all odds, we're volunteerin' for sunshine
Some critter found your round red fruits so tasty
Dropped a log now there's a dicot pointing up to the sky


from Musica Millefolium, released October 31, 2013




Lightnin' Seed

Lightnin' Seed is Brenna Sahatjian and Mark Gunnery. They sing songs about herbs, storms, and natural phenomena. They are both members of the Riot Folk Collective and are DIY herbalists, artists, and writers.

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